The Gaia Game Alliance

The Gaia Game Alliance seeks to inspire new and improved future experiences of reality by encouraging a focus only on what is wanted rather than applying any concern or energy on opposing anything.

We are glad you stopped by. This is the HOME of what we have chosen to call The Gaia Game Alliance. Like everything else about the "reality" we believe we are a part of, it is all made up by us, collectively and individually. The Gaia Game Alliance story-line is being developed to promote the idea that "appearances" of what is going on in the world are the result of our conscious decisions. Changing what we "believe" changes what we "experience". Nothing is "fixed" or predetermined. It is an ongoing adventure story and we are the creators of everything that manifests in physical form. That is our role in the game.

The concept of a "game" is used because you will enjoy life much more if you approach it as an adventure game and realize you are here to have fun and learn to better master your creative skills as a divine entity. Most people take themselves and their lives far too seriously. You were born worthy and deserving to fulfill any and all of your hopes and dreams. Fear, worry, guilt, regret and a lack of faith and acceptance of your true divine nature are the only things that can separate you from all of the good you have come here to create. You are and have always been a being of unlimited potential and grace. Thanksgiving and praise is your prayer. Love is your religion. You are God, we are God.

Reality is up to us.

You are here to master the art of designing your own personal reality. That is what The Gaia Game and The Gaia Game Alliance are all about. Together we can alter the course of the future.

As you are well aware, there is much "unwanted" in our adventure world. Many people's adventures are not particularly enjoyable and are filled with a great deal of fear and worry and general lack of wellbeing. A change of mind can fix this. The Gaia Game Alliance is a made up organization that will influence positive shifts in what we collectively view as reality by consistently creating these ideas on an individual basis. The larger our group of individuals envisioning and promoting new and more positive beliefs about the shape of reality, the more the perceived (and experienced) reality for everyone sharing this Gaia (Earth) adventure will be. Together we can joyously transform the world by keeping our energy focused solely on "wanted" and refusing to worry or fear anything.


We hope you will consider being a part of our Gaia Game Alliance to spread the awareness to inspire new and improved future experiences of reality by encouraging a focus only on what is wanted rather than applying any concern or energy on opposing anything.

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds” – Bob Marley
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The Designer of Reality™
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We Are GOD!

You are living in a magical world, and YOU can make it what ever you want it to be.

Why is knowing this important? The main reason is that if you don't realize it you may spend way too much time trying to please others or follow someone else's ideas about how you should live. They may think they should have some control over what you do or say but they don't. This is why the status quo does not want you to realize that you are God. Most people are still suffering from the delusion that they need you to act a certain way for them to find happiness and satisfaction with their life. They believe in competition and survival of the fittest. They think you have to work hard to get what you want. The truth is you do not need to work hard for anything or suffer at all unless you believe it is necessary to "deserve" what you want. You certainly are not required to do anything simply to please someone else. You can never serve the greater good by doing anything you don't "have your heart in". The best advice is to let your heart be your guide and appreciate every good thing that flows into your experience. The challenge is to keep any fears or worries at bay and chase them away with love and joy in the wonder of your existence as an individualized character in this Creation Game.

Learning to allow all of our hopes, dreams and inspirations become a reality is the reason we are here. We chose to get into this game for fun and adventure. The Edge of Creation is a guidebook with information drawn from many sources and stories that will hopefully provide insight and inspiration. We are at a transitional point in the story of our species. This story is designed to help people learn that they can control all that happens in their day to day life. If we gain the skill to manifest our heartfelt hopes and dreams we will greatly raise our personal satisfaction and enjoyment of life while positively influencing the entire planet. This book will encourage you to fear nothing. Don’t worry about anything and stay on a path filled with appreciation and fun. Anytime you are not enjoying yourself it is time to change the story. It is up to you to “imagineer” and have faith in the reality of a more loving, satisfying, abundant and compassionate world.

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YOU are at The Edge of Creation Designing Your Reality.